Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Healthcare


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Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Healthcare

            Healthcare in America has become a divisive issue over the years. Political parties have gone to war with each other over the years in truly honest attempts to bring more cost-effective healthcare and access to affordable healthcare insurance to the American public. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed into law in 2010 under President Obama’s administration. The statute was enacted by the 111th United States Congress. One of the primary goals of the ACA was to deliver quality health outcomes, to lower costs, and greatly help to improve accessibility. Continue reading

Designer Children


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The world of science is changing at break neck speeds, and many ethicists are having a difficult time keeping up with the advances in technologies. One of the up coming break through’s involves the modification of DNA to create ‘designer babies.’ In simple terms, it’s a baby that is genetically engineered in-vitro for special characteristics and traits. This will allow for individuals to pick and choose from a buffet of physical characteristic that they desire, from eye color, height, and even intelligence. Continue reading

A nurse’s view on Physician Assisted Suicide.

Amid conflicting reports about whether or not the American Medical Association was going to consider a position of neutrality on physician assisted suicide, I was informed that the AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs was collecting data, position statements, etc. for consideration of assisted suicide and other topics before the June AMA Annual meeting. […]

via My Submission to the AMA Opposing Neutrality on Physician-Assisted Suicide — nancyvalko

Week 3: The Ethical Impact of Healthcare Policy

A wonderful blog on the ethics around Immunizations in Arizona.

Uptake of the HPV Immunizations in Arizona

Ethical Impact of Healthcare PolicyImage result for healthcare policy

To some the principals of ethics and politics may not always go hand in hand, however they are deeply intertwined in healthcare policy.  The definition of ethics is individualized by each person’s unique set of life experiences. Ethics can be viewed as descriptive (what is right and good), theoretical (what is the justification for what is right and good), and normative (how can we act in accordance with what is right and good) (Petrini, 2010). Health policy affects the public in a profound manner influencing many topics related to a person’s quality of life and even a person’s survival. When policy makers support a health policy, they must take into accordance the varying views of ethics and try to form policies that are ethical to most people. Because every person has a different ethical view, instating health policies may conflict with personal beliefs. The healthcare…

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Ethical Issues Around Right to Die



Bioethics is a controversial topic that many people in the general public chose to ignore or for them it’s not even on their agenda’s. Healthcare professionals don’t have the luxury of shying away from this subject area either. The term bioethics is an all-encompassing word that can cover many topics from designer babies, medical testing on animals, cloning of organ parts, stem cell research, and late term abortions. Continue reading

ACA Update



UPDATE: 3/7/2017 On the Affordable Care Act via New York Times.

Individual mandate: REPEAL.

Employer mandate: REPEAL.

Subsidies for out of pocket expenses: REPEAL.

Premiums subsides: CHANGE, distributed by age instead of income.

Medicaid expansion: CHANGE, states keep Medicaid expansion and allows to get federal funding until 2020. Cap federal funding per enrollee based on spending by each state in the fiscal year 2016

Health saving account: CHANGE, allows individuals to put more money into their HSA. $6,550 individual, $13,100 family.

Dependent Cover until 26: KEEP.

Pre-existing conditions policy: KEEP.

Essential health benefits: KEEP.

Prohibition on annual and lifetime limits: KEEP.

(Park, & Sanger-katz, NYTimes, 2017)

The Future of The ACA Under Trump


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The passing of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 is considered to have been one of the highlights of the former President Obama’s administration. The major goals of the ACA were to expand the access to health insurance to social economical challenged individuals, under-insured, and to the uninsured. Another aspect was to help drive down the cost of healthcare, as of 2014 to cost of healthcare was 17.1% of the nation’s GDP (WHO, 2017).  Continue reading

A little more information about me


Hello Readers,

My name is Roy; I was born and raised in Southwest Detroit (Mexican Town). While growing up in Detroit, I knew that I wanted to get out of the city and go explore the world around me. After high school I decided to join the Army and go fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Looking back, I can see it was my way of testing myself, physically and emotionally. When I completed my time in the service, I immediately enrolled into school at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. I majored in Healthcare Management with a minor in Health. I was able to finish up my bachelors in 3.5 years. As soon as I completed my undergrad, I enrolled into a Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration program at Saint Joseph’s University. My expected graduation date is in the Fall of 2017.

While in the military I knew that I wanted to make healthcare my career field. I have many friends that depend on the VA for benefits and PTSD treatment. I looked upon it as my duty to find a career with the VA and continue servicing them, even though my military service was over. Unfortunately, finding employment in the VA has proven almost impossible for me, so I’ve decided to venture in the healthcare insurance field and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.