CBO Score on The American Healthcare Act


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The much anticipated Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report on The American Healthcare Act (AHCA) came out yesterday. The facts contained within the report can be unsettling for some people. The CBO reports that by 2026 an estimated 23 million Americans will be uninsured if this plan replaces the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Continue reading

Drug shortages in the United States


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If i told you that there was a drug shortage in US would you believe me? I’m talking about prescription drugs, folks. Well if you find that hard to believe, i wouldn’t blame you. We are one of the richest nations on the earth, the notion that we lack the basic medications to keep our populace healthy and full of life is astonishing. Unfortunately, the drug shortage is real. Continue reading

How Easy is it to Access Health Care in the US?


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A great read on the availability of healthcare in America.

Science Policy For All

By: Rachel F Smallwood, PhD

Source: pixabay

         Access to health care has been a concern as long as there has been health care, and it is one of the hot-button issues of health care policy debates. The recent repeal of the Affordable Care Act and passing of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in the House of Representatives has again brought this debate front and center. The Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the first iteration of the AHCA indicated that it would result in 24 million less people having health insurance by 2026. It would also place more of the financial burden on people making less than $50,000 per year. However, substantial changes were made to parts of the bill before it passed in the House, and there will likely be more if it is to be passed in the Senate. There is muchdebate and dissension on what…

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American Health Care Act Facts.


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The first hundred days of the Trump administration has been full of drama. The majority has been justified, while some of the criticism can fall in the category of hyper partisan politics. This is normal in today’s political climate in Washington D.C. and extremely detrimental to the well being and security of the American people. President Trump promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that was passed under former president Obama.

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Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Healthcare


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Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Healthcare

            Healthcare in America has become a divisive issue over the years. Political parties have gone to war with each other over the years in truly honest attempts to bring more cost-effective healthcare and access to affordable healthcare insurance to the American public. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed into law in 2010 under President Obama’s administration. The statute was enacted by the 111th United States Congress. One of the primary goals of the ACA was to deliver quality health outcomes, to lower costs, and greatly help to improve accessibility. Continue reading

Designer Children


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The world of science is changing at break neck speeds, and many ethicists are having a difficult time keeping up with the advances in technologies. One of the up coming break through’s involves the modification of DNA to create ‘designer babies.’ In simple terms, it’s a baby that is genetically engineered in-vitro for special characteristics and traits. This will allow for individuals to pick and choose from a buffet of physical characteristic that they desire, from eye color, height, and even intelligence. Continue reading

A nurse’s view on Physician Assisted Suicide.

Amid conflicting reports about whether or not the American Medical Association was going to consider a position of neutrality on physician assisted suicide, I was informed that the AMA’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs was collecting data, position statements, etc. for consideration of assisted suicide and other topics before the June AMA Annual meeting. […]

via My Submission to the AMA Opposing Neutrality on Physician-Assisted Suicide — nancyvalko

Week 3: The Ethical Impact of Healthcare Policy

A wonderful blog on the ethics around Immunizations in Arizona.

Uptake of the HPV Immunizations in Arizona

Ethical Impact of Healthcare PolicyImage result for healthcare policy

To some the principals of ethics and politics may not always go hand in hand, however they are deeply intertwined in healthcare policy.  The definition of ethics is individualized by each person’s unique set of life experiences. Ethics can be viewed as descriptive (what is right and good), theoretical (what is the justification for what is right and good), and normative (how can we act in accordance with what is right and good) (Petrini, 2010). Health policy affects the public in a profound manner influencing many topics related to a person’s quality of life and even a person’s survival. When policy makers support a health policy, they must take into accordance the varying views of ethics and try to form policies that are ethical to most people. Because every person has a different ethical view, instating health policies may conflict with personal beliefs. The healthcare…

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