A wonderful blog on the ethics around Immunizations in Arizona.

Uptake of the HPV Immunizations in Arizona

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To some the principals of ethics and politics may not always go hand in hand, however they are deeply intertwined in healthcare policy.  The definition of ethics is individualized by each person’s unique set of life experiences. Ethics can be viewed as descriptive (what is right and good), theoretical (what is the justification for what is right and good), and normative (how can we act in accordance with what is right and good) (Petrini, 2010). Health policy affects the public in a profound manner influencing many topics related to a person’s quality of life and even a person’s survival. When policy makers support a health policy, they must take into accordance the varying views of ethics and try to form policies that are ethical to most people. Because every person has a different ethical view, instating health policies may conflict with personal beliefs. The healthcare…

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