UPDATE: 3/7/2017 On the Affordable Care Act via New York Times.

Individual mandate: REPEAL.

Employer mandate: REPEAL.

Subsidies for out of pocket expenses: REPEAL.

Premiums subsides: CHANGE, distributed by age instead of income.

Medicaid expansion: CHANGE, states keep Medicaid expansion and allows to get federal funding until 2020. Cap federal funding per enrollee based on spending by each state in the fiscal year 2016

Health saving account: CHANGE, allows individuals to put more money into their HSA. $6,550 individual, $13,100 family.

Dependent Cover until 26: KEEP.

Pre-existing conditions policy: KEEP.

Essential health benefits: KEEP.

Prohibition on annual and lifetime limits: KEEP.

(Park, & Sanger-katz, NYTimes, 2017)